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Poppins Playschool philosophy is ‘Learning through play’ I have found from my years of experience working with children that they develop and learn as they play and explore the world around them.

Poppins playschool is based on developing your child’s Social, Emotional, Physical, Creative, and intellectual abilities as they grow. Your child’s self-esteem and individuality plays a huge role with their development, which is why the activities within Poppins playschool will be catered to your child’s level of abilities and interests. We will be exploring outside daily, visiting the Historical Ranche, the Creek and the Playgrounds where your child will have an active part in exploring and experimenting within these environments.

At Poppins playschool your child will be doing craft activities daily where they can get creative, messy and always develop their imagination. We will have a topic/theme each week which will be based on colours, numbers, letters, shapes, seasons and much more. During these activities Poppins Playschool will also incorporate activities based on your child’s particular interests.

During the daily outing adventures your child will learn the importance of staying safe.
Whilst at Poppins Playschool your child will have access to a broad variety of toys which will be rotated monthly, also a variety of books, puzzles and board games will be available to them, with reading time being an essential part of the day. Poppins Playschool will incorporate a ‘circle time’ where the children will be encourage to share news with their friends and we will have flash cards, recognition of their names, days of the week, the weather, the time of day i.e. morning, afternoon, evening. They will slowly learn and understand the importance of wearing the correct clothing for the time of year, such as sun hats and sun cream in the summer, snow gear in the winter

Welcome to Poppins Play School:
My name is Stacey, my husband is James and we have two daughters Gabriella who is 9 ½ years old and Savannah who is 4 years old.
We moved to Cochrane in June 2011 from England. We love this town for the people and with everything it offers.
In England back in 1999 I qualified with a BTEC National Diploma in childhood studies, where I began working with young children in a day care setting. I have always enjoyed watching the children explore the world with enthusiasm and excitement, this is where my philosophy of children learn through play came into effect in everything I did.
I spent many years working with children from 3 months to 5 years of age. I then began working in a special school designed for Disabled children. In 2004 I gained a National Vocational Qualification as a Teaching Assistant. This is where I taught children within their school lessons assisting with their learning, developing knowledge and abilities. I love watching how each child learns, they are unique and wonderful in their own way no matter what obstacles they have facing them.
I have recently completed my first aid and CPR and completed Food hygiene course.


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