Cochrane Valley Montessori Elementary, Kindergarten Program, Preschool 3 to 5 years, Ages 6 to 11 years, Kindergarten to 6 years

Bay 6 205 1st street E

At Cochrane Valley Montessori, we advocate excellence in active learning through a hands-on approach.
As an Alberta Education Accredited and Funded ECS operator and registered school, our non-profit status enables our funds to be directly dedicated to the education of each of our students. We offer the benefit of a complete integrated daily program at one site.

■ hands-on learning and manipulatives in all areas of study

■ multi-aged students learning together, a key element to the Montessori philosophy

■ a focus on the intrinsic motivation of students

■ student choice in educational activities

■ carefully prepared classroom balancing student choice with structure

■ your kindergarten child enjoys a consistent daily program without the need to move between day-care and kindergarten classrooms

■ cooperative learning, peer tutoring and social, emotional development

■ large blocks of uninterrupted time

■ work through independent activity coordinated with teacher-directed activity

■ Ecological Studies, Music and Art

■ programming offered in a non-traditional, integrated manner where skill and concept are the predominant focus for organized learning

■ Fine Arts, Phys.Ed and Outdoor integrated learning

■ AMI(International designation) certified directresses trained in primary and elementary Montessori philosophy and methodology

■ students requiring assistance for special education can be accommodated and may be eligible for specific additional Alberta Education funding. Interview required to be sure we can meet the needs.

■ Speech and Language screening for all new preschool children is provided. Time 2 Talk Speech and Language Pathology provides our screening, in-school therapy and home visit counselling