Cochrane Babysitting Co-op Babysitting New to 10 years

The Cochrane Babysitting Co-op is one of Canada’s longest running babysitting co-operatives. We are a non profit group of parents (max. 25) who meet once a month to get to know one another and spend the rest of the month trading off no cost, guilt free childcare.

The co-op is designed for parents who are home with their young children during the day and would like some time occasionally to volunteer at school, go to the doctor, get a haircut, clean the house, do lunch with a friend or just take a well deserved break without ‘little helpers’.

Currently our children range from approx. 0-10 years of age. Some of our members have been in the co-op for more than 5 years, so we feel secure in knowing our children are being left in good hands. We are saving money by exchanging babysitting time and don’t feel like we are constantly imposing of family and friends. We love the being able to socialize with other Cochrane parents and the children enjoy meeting new friends and playing with new toys.

*All homes are given a safety check and new members must complete a police check for anyone 18+ years who may live in the home.*

Currently accepting new members, check out our website for upcoming meetings and social events.